Exhibitions in 1990

'Folly of Wise Men' Studies
2 September - 2 October 1990
New Street Gallery, 37/8 New Street, Plymouth

The third and final exhibition of studies from Project 18 at the New Street Gallery being:

Some recent studies for section 18 of the Relationship series - 400 paintings to be exhibited if it is decided whether his present library/studios are to remain library/studios or to join the adjacent monastery and other buildings of significance on the Barbican in providing thoughtless and anti-social brewery services. 

The notes reflect the artist's concern that the landlord of the studios in which he now worked was seeking to sell the building. In Lenkiewicz's view, the most likely outcome of a sale would be the conversion of the space into licensed premises of one sort or another.

Lenkiewicz's notes continue:  

Ideas are substitutes for griefs
Marcel Proust

In itself, every idea is neutral, but we are idolaters by instinct and convert the objects of our dreams and addictions... Read more

The Painter With Women: Observations on the Theme of the Double
January 1990
New Street Gallery, 37 New Street, Plymouth

The second showing of "sketches and reflections" for Project 18 to be shown at the New Street Gallery.

The exhibition notes state:


“It hath been thought a vast commendation of a painter to say his figures seem to breathe; but surely it is a much greater and nobler applause that they appear to think.”

Joseph Andrews,

Preface, London 1742.


These studies are introductory enquiries concerning three aspects of perception, 1. the relationship between one person and another, 2. philosophical considerations inspired by the mirror; 3. the “folly of wise men”.

These studies are sketches for project eighteen of the Relationship Series. The large exhibition planned for the summer is on the theme: THE PAINTER WITH WOMEN:- Observations on the theme of the Double. (This eighteenth project in the summer will probably be... Read more


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