Exhibitions in 1998

R.O. Lenkiewicz - A Retrospective
11 April - 6 June 1998
Wolverhampton Art Gallery

This retrospective exhibition was a reduced (just over 70 as opposed to nearly 100 works) of the Retrospective at Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery the preceding year. However, the two exhibitions had only fifty works in common with more than 20 additions to the later showing, which greatly expanded the section of work dating from the 1950s.

In his review of the show, Terry Grimley of The Birmingham Post decries the lack of dates in the picture captions:

"Lenkiewicz prefers to exhibit his work in a series of themed "projects" rather than chronologically, which frustrates any attempt to trace artistic development – particularly as he is prone to switching styles according to the subject at hand."

Terry Grimley's article is here: Plymouth maverick still has the power to astound; Terry Grimley previews a... Read more


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