Where can I view work by Robert Lenkiewicz?

Check our news and events for information about forthcoming public exhibitions.

Can I view the artworks owned by the Foundation?

We do not currently have an exhibition space. Check our news and events for information about forthcoming public exhibitions of works from our collection.

Does the Foundation loan its collection to other institutions?

Yes. Please call 07516 548325 or e-mail us. We can also provide educational material and information.

What are the latest developments at The Lenkiewicz Foundation?

The Foundation is presently investigating grant funding to carry out essential refurbishment of its premises at St Saviours church hall, where the Robert Lenkiewicz library was located.

Does the Foundation make its archives available to outside scholars for research?

The Foundation does not currently have research facilities available. However, much of the archive has been digitized and we can undertake searches for information on request. To consult original archive materials you must present a written proposal for review and approval by the Foundation. You may send your proposal to our e-mail contact address. 

Do you sell any Robert Lenkiewicz merchandise such as prints, gift cards, books and DVDs.

Yes, the Foundation sells gift cards, catalogues and DVDs directly. TLF also has a print on demand service for giclée on canvas prints, which can be ordered through its online store www.lenkiewiczarchive.co

Is there a catalogue raisonné of Lenkiewicz works?

The Foundation is presently compiling a catalogue raisonné. Please use e-mail to submit details of any works you own for inclusion in the catalogue. There is no charge for this service. Any private details submitted will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Why doesn’t the Foundation or Plymouth City Council restore the Barbican Mural?

More than a decade before his death, Robert Lenkiewicz abandoned his ongoing program of running repairs to the large Elizabethan mural in Basket Ope. Not only was the paint being weathered by rain and sea-air, the underlying surface had proved corrosive and adsorbent, leeching out the colours in the paint and leading to flaking. It was Robert who had the wooden battens affixed to the wall, intending to shutter in the mural and paint another on a new artificial surface. This was never undertaken, principally for reasons of poor health. In 2015, the Foundation consulted one of the UK's top mural restoration experts (thanks to the financial support of the Plymouth Waterfront Partnership) for an opinion about 1) stabilizing the mural in its present state and 2) restoring all or part of the mural. It was told that any attempt to clean and ‘seal’ the present surface would result in the disappearance of much of the flaking paint areas. Application of new paint would be futile on the current surface. Even a stabilisation effort would run to costs in excess of half a million pounds.

The IFACS report can be read here: ifacs_feasibility_study_quote_2015.pdf

However, the key paragraph is (page 2):

“If the mural is to survive in its present location, then a programme of conservation treatment and regular maintenance would need to be developed and implemented to enable its long-term preservation.

Exterior murals are intrinsically vulnerable to harsh outdoor environments by virtue of their location. It would be impossible to restore the mural to its original brightness and intensity without compromising historic and artistic value. Lenkiewicz took responsibility for the maintenance of the mural while he was still alive, repairing and repainting it on a regular basis. However, repainting the artwork after his death would lead to loss of cultural and artistic meaning. An alternative option to restoration would be to stabilise the paint layers, clean the surface, discretely retouch the scheme, and protect it using an ultraviolet-light absorbing solvent or water-based varnish.”

TLF have considered adapting Robert’s original plan of shuttering in what remains and recreating the mural on a new surface. However, lack of suitable images is a significant problem. To date, only one good 35mm slide and one 5cm transparency (shot in mottled sunlight) have emerged despite a longstanding public appeal for images. A recreation in anything like the original detail seems impossible, even if a painter of sufficient skill could be found. A ‘restoration’ of this type would also be a new mural and not by Lenkiewicz. An annual event using a projection of the mural onto the warehouse wall has also been discussed but is hampered by the limitations of the available images. It should also be noted that the Foundation does not own the warehouse on which the mural resides, which now contains commercial properties.

Can you tell me how much my Lenkiewicz drawing or painting is worth?

No, we cannot value works. To obtain a valuation for insurance purposes or prior to a sale we recommend contacting a gallery or auction house experienced in dealing with Lenkiewicz's work. Suitable organizations include Plymouth Auction Rooms or Bearnes of Exeter.

Can you authenticate my work by Robert Lenkiewicz?

The Foundation cannot, for legal reasons, provide an authentication service. However, if you send us a photograph of the work with all available details (date, size, medium, inscriptions, provenance), we can indicate whether or not it would be considered acceptable for inclusion in the catalogue raisonné.

Do you purchase original works by Lenkiewicz or other artists?

No, the Foundation does not have an acquisitions budget.

Do you accept gifts or loans?

Yes, to loan or gift an original work by Lenkiewicz please call 07516 548325. For cash donations, please make use of the Gift Aid scheme in the UK. For more details and a form, click here.

Does the Foundation make grants to artists?


I own a work by Robert Lenkiewicz and want to make prints or reproductions of it. Do I need permission?

Yes. The Lenkiewicz Foundation owns the copyright in all works by Robert Lenkiewicz regardless of who owns the particular work. You must contact the Foundation to request permission to undertake any reproduction of his work even if you own the original. Under no circumstances should you make any copies of the artist's work without prior written permission.

How do I get permission to reproduce a work by Lenkiewicz in a paper, review or academic book I am writing?

We actively support criticism and academic assessment of Lenkiewicz's work. Please read our copyright guidelines here. If your request falls under the Fair Use guidelines please contact us by e-mail with details of your requirements. Wherever possible the Foundation will assist by supplying high quality digital images from its archive.

How do I get permission to reproduce a work by Lenkiewicz in a book, catalogue or commercial publication, including newspapers and magazines?

Please e-mail us or call 07516 548325. Our copyright guidelines are here.

Is the Foundation a company or a charity (non-profit organization)?

Both. The Foundation is a registered charity No.1063357 and a company limited by guarantee (registered in the UK as No.03306866).

Are you VAT registered?

Yes. Our VAT number is GB 980 8139 92.

How is the Foundation governed? 

The Foundation is governed by a board of trustees/directors who meet approximately 8 times a year. The company also holds an Annual General Meeting at which the accounts are presented and new directors/trustees voted onto the board, etc. A current list of trustees is always registered on the Charity Commission homepage and is also available from Companies House.

Can I become a trustee/director?

Trustees are recruited by invitation. If you think you have relevant skills, experience and enthusiasm please contact us. E-mail us for a copy of the 'trustee skills audit', a simple questionnaire that helps you to assess your capabilities.

Do you publish accounts?

Yes. The Foundation's accounts are available free from the Charity Commission homepage. Just search for our charity registration number - 1063357.

Is there a membership scheme? What does it cost to join?

Yes, there is membership group called the Friends. Subscriptions start at just £20.00 per annum. Friends enjoy regular news updates, invitations to private views and discounts on Foundation merchandise, together with special offers from affiliated organizations. To see more detail click here or to sign up please use this form.

What is The Lenkiewicz Foundation Trust?

The Trust is a parallel endowment trust which owns the assets of the Foundation. It is also registered as a charity (No.1063502) and the sole trustee is The Lenkiewicz Foundation. Placing the assets into a parallel trust protects the capital value of the assets.

Why do you ask people to write cheques to Barbican Rooms Limited?

In the UK charities are not allowed to trade commercially for tax reasons. To do so they are required to set up a 'trading company'. Barbican Rooms Ltd is the Foundation's trading company and it pays its profits, tax free, to the Foundation annually. The company is governed by the same board of directors as the Foundation.




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