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The Lenkiewicz Foundation provides information and materials to support any organization or institution wishing to use the work of Robert Lenkiewicz to explore the themes which appear in the painter's work. These materials include the original illustrated notebooks and writings by the artist, the aesthetic notes (works on paper), recommended books, leaflets, posters and an image archive of hi-resolution pictures suitable for publicity materials. If you would like to know more, please contact us on 01752 221450 or e-mail us.

Paintings and Works on Paper
The Foundation's permanent collection may be available for loan. Please contact us for details.

Notebooks & Original Writings
The Foundation is currently preparing the illustrated Project notebooks for publication online.  Robert Lenkiewicz published pamphlet guides to all his exhibitions, which are available on this website under the individual Project pages.

Books, catalogues, pamphlets and gift cards are available. See Publications.

Image Archive
TLF has an extensive image archive of original works by Robert Lenkiewicz that are available for use in publicity material, educational programmes, etc. The archive is freely available for educational use (subject to fair use guidelines). TLF can also recommend photographic image archives for organizations seeking photographs of the artist, his studios, exhibitions, etc.

Educational Materials
Lenkiewicz is the best articulator of his own work and The Lenkiewicz Foundation has made available all his original essays and exhibition notes within its copyright, which can be quoted freely under fair use for educational purposes. More detailed surveys of the life and work are to be found in the recommended publications which public galleries may request from TLF. TLF aims to work in collaboration with other institutions and can provide information tailored to the specific requirements for any given exhibition. We will happily assist in any way we can with existing educational programmes or suggest suitable events complementary to the work on show. To discuss the range of support materials on offer please contact us.

Thematic Guide
The Projects can be divided into 'sociological' and 'relationship' groupings for convenience but it should be noted that the artist viewed all the Projects as part of a single Relationship Series.

Sociological Projects

  • Vagrancy 1973
  • Mental Handicap 1976
  • Gossip on the Barbican 1980
  • Old Age 1979
  • Suicide 1980
  • Death 1982
  • Sexual Behaviour 1983
  • Observations on Local Education 1988
  • Addictive Behaviour (unfinished)

Relationship Projects

  • Death and the Maiden 1974
  • Love and Romance 1976
  • Love and Mediocrity 1976
  • Jealousy 1977
  • Orgasm 1978
  • Self-Portrait 1978
  • The Painter with Mary: a Study of Obsessional Behaviour 1981
  • The Painter With Women: Observations on the Theme of the Double (shown at ICC Birmingham 1994)

Miscellaneous Projects

  • The Diogenes Con Show and the Masterpiece Museum 1975
  • Still-Lives 1981
  • Landscape: The Painter as St Jerome 1995
  • Paintings Painted Blind 2000


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