Emulsion on canvas

Mr Harry’s Club.

Note: clientèle and staff of one of Plymouth's gay nightclubs in the 1980s.

This painting was destroyed in June 2012 in a fire at the property of the collector who owned it. It was last exhibited at the Royal West of England Academy in 2011.

The Dead Painter Surrounded by his Children and Companions.

The Dead Painter Surrounded by his Children and Companions was described in the notes to the 1997 Retrospective as “a parody of the death of his own mother and a drawing by André Slom of Courbet on his deathbed”. An extensive book of notes and illustrations relating to its overarching theme – Et in Arcadia ego (I, Death, am in Arcadia also) – was also produced.

... Dead but lit at the ending by candles from my orbit. Each their own sun, awaiting their extinguished moment... child-philosophers stare in passionless silence at my passing.

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