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COUNCILLOR M.G.HUGHES. Former Plymouth Councilor on the Education Committee and Community Education Committee; present Chairman of East Plymouth Community Education Team Management Committee.
COUNCILLOR REG CURRY. Former Leader of the Devon County Council Labour Group; Principal Spokesman on Education for the Devon County Council Labour Party Group. Now City Alderman.
Dr VERNON WILLIAMS. B.A.(Ed.) B.Sc.; Ph.D.; F.R.G.S. Deputy Principal, College of St. Mark and St. John. Former Chairman of the West Devon Area Advisory Committee.
COUNCILLOR STEPHEN HOLE. Devon County Councilor. Member of Education Committee and associated Committees.
COUNCILLOR CONNIE PASCOE. Vice Chairman Youth and Community Education Sub-Committee, Devon County Council. City Council Representative on Western Area Advisory Committee. Conservative Spokesman for Education Matters.
COUNCILLOR DAVID KNOTT. Labour Devon County Councilor, and Plymouth Labour Member of Devon Education Committee.
COUNCILLOR JOHN ARNAUD. Former Devon County Councilor and Member of Plymouth Advisory Education Committee.

This painting is related to The sampling officials of the drapers’ guild, known as THE SYNDICS; painted by Rembrandt in 1661-62. The painting depicts the syndics who held office from Good Friday to Good Friday. The function of the syndics was to view cloth hung for inspection. These five cloth wardens, (staalmeesters; sample-masters), regulated the quality of the cloth sold in the city, and the book in front of the chairman is probably the sample book against which the cloth to be inspected was checked. It is known that Rembrandt had drawn upon compositional elements of Leonardo’s Last Supper for his painting, which now hangs in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.


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