True to Life

3 February - 27 March 2007
Coventry City Art Gallery

Featuring works by Freud, Auerbach, Bomberg, Shoa, Haughton,and a number of 'New British Realists'.

'True To Life' celebrates the evolving tradition of figurative painting with past and contemporary classics. If Zola's words were not enough, I was left in no doubt on entering this exhibition that I was in for a sensory visual feast. Major works by Lucian Freud, Frank Auerbach, David Bomberg, Robert Lenkiewicz, Nahem Shoa and Desmond Haughton, together with the New British Realists stop you in your tracks. "In the present critical climate a show like this feels revolutionary." (Myrna Shoa, 2007).

Myrna Shoa's YouTube video is available here.


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