page 7

Project 4 notebook - page 7

Myth: Themes

Judgement of Paris: Athena (Minerva), Hera & Aphrodite

Susannah and the Elders (Old man–Young woman) (also: “Roman Charity”) (Lot and his daughter)

The Three Graces.

Leda and the Swan.

Venus and Adonis.

Judith and the head of Holfernes.

Prometheus Bound.

Salome and the Baptist.

“Death and the Maiden”.



“Wolfram Looking at his Wife, whom he has imprisoned with the Corpse of her Lover.”


Ruggiero and Angelica.

Perseus and Andromeda.

Jupiter and Callisto (Lesbianism) Corinth, Courbet, Lautrec, Pelvaux.

Aristotle and Phyllis.

Tarquin and Lucretia.

Alexander, Apelles and Campaspe.

Diana and Actaeon.


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