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Project 5 notebook - page

Plato’s ‘Timaeus’ contains a cosmogony constructed in the main upon the triangular motif. These are considered in terms of geometrical bodies made up of two kinds of elementary triangles, that which consists of half an equilateral triangle [symbol] and the right-angled isosceles triangle, which is half a square.

Out of these triangles we can construct four out of the five regular solids. The tetrahedron is the basic particle fire, the cube of earth, the octahedron of air and the icosahedron of water. By breaking up these bodies into their constituent triangles and rearranging them we can effect transformations between the elements.
There may be very fundamental parallels in human relationships. An almost geometric counterpart to Platonic elements.
I say ‘almost’ because this aesthetic parallel to ‘gravitational laws’ and principles of matter is yet to be discovered. Once the new language is formulated, it will undermine more than anything Newton, Darwin & Einstein have done.

Tetrahedron Fire.
Cube Earth.
Octahedron Air.
Icosahedron Water.


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