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poles of cultured ‘triste’: They are the necessary psychic pillars of human relationship; depending on whether the ‘soul’ or the ‘senses’ have lenience or authority at the time.
When the ‘soul’ has authority – you have the transition of ‘love’. When the ‘senses’ have authority –you have the transition of ‘withdrawal’.

So let us consider these two transitions simultaneously. To imagine that they are parallel.
One man – two ladies:
The triangle.
It is generally considered to be one of the strongest and simplest weight bearing formulas known.
Perhaps the greatest support of weight with the least amount of materials.
The bridge:
The roof:
The trailer carrier:
Generally however, ones assumes that the weight resides on the apex and is distributed equally through the two supports widening to the base. So there is always a single point of pressure and two support factors.
If the triangle is equilateral then any of the three points may suffice to bear weight. Once the base has been decided, there remains only one weight bearing point.  [cont.]


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