page 50

Project 5 notebook - page

And the heavens opened and fire and all the demons of hell descended upon me and hell erupted and light and all the angels of heaven ascended.

Everything of the earth remains bound down to its surface, nothing demands that they leave: Hell becomes busier than Heaven. And if the ‘soul aspires’ then it is only in order to rise through the earth.
‘Love’ is kindled through the senses:
‘Nothing cures the soul as much as the senses. Nothing cures the senses as much as the soul!
The ‘finer feelings’ are raised – through the senses. And the ‘finer feelings’ are crushed by them as well.

Fidelity, the desire for exclusive union, the concentrated need for the ‘one’ variation on the theme. These are the ‘soul’ through the ‘senses’.
Infidelity, promiscuity, the disparate need for ‘endless’ variations. These are the ‘senses’ through the ‘soul’. Far from these two behaviour patterns representing opposing ... [poles of cultured ‘triste’: ]


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