page 44

Project 5 notebook - page

Q. Do you really believe he is the only one worthy of your attention out of the several thousand millions surrounding you?

A. I’ve met many while he’s been away.

Q. How many? Ten? Twenty?

A. Enough.

Q. Don’t you think that there is a tremendous fatigue and smugness in your assumption that you couldn’t possibly ‘do better’ or be ‘more fortunate’ than you are?

A. No, I love him.

Q. Yes, I accept that, but are you not willing to love those millions of others?

A. Certainly not. You can only love one person.

Q. Do you mean that you only have the energy to become obsessional about one other person apart from yourself?

A. No, we try to understand each other.

Q. Understand exactly what?

A. You know: things!

Q. Do you mean the same ‘things’ that any two people may experience?

A. Yes.

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