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“Love is always here; there is no future to it. That is why love is so near to meditation. That is why death is also so near to meditation – because death is also always here and now, it can never happen in the future. Can you die in the future? You can die only in the present. No one has ever died in the future. How can you die in the future? Or how can you die in the past? The past has gone, it is no more, so you cannot die in it. The future has not yet come, so how can you die in it?
Death always occurs in the present. Death, love, meditation – they all occur in the present. So if you are afraid of death, you cannot love. If you are afraid of love, you cannot meditate. …
It may seem strange to connect these three: love, meditation, death. It is not! They are similar experiences. So if you can enter in one, you can enter in the remaining two.”

The Book of the Secrets – I. p.167-8.
Discourses on Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Vol 1
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. 1974.


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