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What we desire to possess we fear to lose; it is a source of anxiety and we are ambivalent toward it; hate as well as love.

In orgasm, all the splendor and misery of representative government. The representative organ acts on behalf of the entire organism: ''There is no part of the organism which is not represented in the genital, so that the genital, in the role of executive manager, as it were, provides for the discharge of sexual tension on behalf of the entire organism.” The rest of the body attains “complete identification with the help of the frictional process, with the executive organ," thus obtaining vicarious redemption (discharge, release).

Ferenczi, Thalassa, 12, 38; cf. 18, 28.

“Cain means ‘ownership’. Ownership was the originator of the earthly city.” The crucial bit of property is neither nature (land) nor natural produce, nor factories nor manufactured products, but persons, our own persons. The dilemma of ownership is escaped only by those willing to discard personality.

Augustine, Hobbes.


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