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Project 5 notebook - page


THE BURIAL OF MONICA QUIRK. :- Love & Mediocrity

Theme of four men grasping the four corners of the femals.

Connections with the “nailing on the cross of so many Flemish painters.
Surrounding them/portraits of all known people [male] who have had sexual intercourse with them ‘real & imaginary’.

With them/portraits of their children.

Beneath the figures a deep pit with terrible demons & bestial creatures eagerly awaiting their gift.

The burial to take place outside No.7 Rectory Rd, Stonehouse with what used to be Stonehouse Creek in the background. Two lovers sit by the water watching swans and the reflections of distant “Vermeeresque” houses. The grave will be in the middle of the road.

The failure of memory…
Visit the Parthenon no matter how many times: we shall never count the number of columns from memory.
The pit of the past is a massive tomb – a great void filled with question marks.


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