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Project 4 notebook - page

“An erect penis has no conscience.”

“Never make love to your wife in the morning because you never know who you might meet during the day.”

The desire to secure sexual satisfaction by copulation with a woman is synonymous with what is generally meant by lust: a physical/animal desire to achieve the pleasurable sexual climax called orgasm.
This urge has to be continually appeased and in order that its gratification should not create problems in organized communities, rituals have arisen in order that there may be some control.

In these notes I intend to observe two of the cardinal laws regarding the experience generally known as ‘Romantic Love’. Law number one is that of myth and law number two is that of physiology.
In the area of myth lies the meaning of our absurd behaviour and romantic activities. In the area of physiology lies a blueprint of order and measurement on the only level available to us regarding these mysteries.
Physiology, in the popular sense of the term, has this to say…


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