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Project 9 notebook - page

Partial incorporation – eating a penis – [Orgasm];
total incorporation – eating a body – [Death].
[paraphrase of: “Partial incorporation or total incorporation; eating a penis and eating a body.” Brown p.174.]

[Lenkiewicz paraphrasing]
Partial  devouring is theft / stolen, ‘borrowed’.
Possession of the ‘other’ as eating.
Total devouring is to send oneself into the vortex, into the grotto in order that the introjected penis does not continue to threaten from the inside.

Total incorporation/ fusion, is combustion in fire.
‘If she is felt to be inside him then he has a boundary

The fire [is] not only a destructive fire, but also the fire of Eros; and not only the figurative expression of his own passionate bodily feelings, not only the phantasy representative of the wish for passionate union with the external world, but also a way of representing the inner fire of concentration." Milner, Artaud.
The truth concealed from the priest and revealed to the warrior: that this world always was and is and shall be ever-living fire. Revealed to the lover too: every lover is a warrior; love is all fire.

To be alive is to burn…
Fire is freedom…
Love is violence…
Every child, like Athena, is born fully armed; is a knife that opens the womb.



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