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“The great sorrow in human life, which begins in childhood and continues until death, is that seeing and eating are two different operations. Eternal beatitude (myth of the Phaedrus) is a state where to see is to eat.” “What is seen Is not real, is only an image. What is eaten is destroyed, is not real either.
Original sin produced this separation in us.”

Roheim. Weil.

… The woman gave me and I did eat. Eating is the form of sex. Copulation is oral copulation; when the Aranda ask each other, "Have you eaten?" they mean, "Have you had intercourse?" The schizophrenic girl refused to eat; … . Eating is the form of redemption. Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you. We must eat again of the tree of knowledge, in order to fall into innocence.


Communion; oral copulation.
Eating makes it so. Manducando Christi corpus fiunt Christi corpus.
To be human is to be eaten, to be sacrificed. … This world as sacrifice; this world as food; to be is to eat and to be eaten. The sacrifice is the eating, the crucifixion is the supper. “We are fed by the cross of the Lord, since we eat his body.” … The real body. To be real, it must be bodily; and to be a body is to be eaten. The humiliation in incarnation: to become bread. To be eaten: to be consumed by sorrow, sickness, and death.

AUTOPHAGY. The identity of the eater and what he eats; … [The true sacrifice is human sacrifice.] Animal sacrifice is a false substitute, a pale imitation, a shadow. Abraham departs from human sacrifice, and Christ returns to it. From the shadow of substitutes to the reality of the human body: [de umbra transfertur ad corpus.]


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