page 18

Project 5 notebook - page

Make image that rotates:
On side [a] depict young couple
On side [b] depict old couple (same couple)
Consider following quotes in relation to turning images.

“Even if an old man does not become childish, he secretly returns to childhood – he gives himself the pleasure of calling on Mama under his breath.” Mauriac.

“The scent of melancholy that the realizing of a dream leaves in the heart of the man who has realized it, even when there is neither failure nor regret.” Mallarmé’.

“The promises have been kept, nevertheless, I have been swindled.” Simone de Beauvoir.

“All day long, a feeling of stupidity and sadness. Towards the evening this state of mind changed into a longing for caresses and affection. I should have liked to cuddle against some loving sympathetic bosom as I did as a child, to have wept with emotion and to have been comforted. … To have become a little boy again, to have clung to my mother, as I imagine her… Mama, pick me up, baby me. … All this is mad, but it is all true.”
Diary, 10 March, 1906.
Leo Tolstoy, aged 78.


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