A new chapter beckons for unique Lenkiewicz Library

November 14, 2017

Roger Malone of the Western Morning News sees the end of an era and a positive future for the Robert Lenkiewicz Library.

There is a palpable legacy of celebrated and controversial artist Robert Lenkiewicz as you enter St Saviours, tucked away amidst the back-streets of Plymouth ’s Barbican. The dusty, almost Gothic building with  rumbling bell tower and quaint observatory offering near-360 degree views of city and sea, was an ideal location for the artist’s personal library of Art and Art History. After Lenkiewicz died in 2002 the collection of  25,000 books passed to his estate – and finally, what still remained after the most valuable were sold by the  Executor, to The Lenkiewicz Foundation. Now the stacked shelves at St Saviours are being cleared of weighty tomes in what is the artist’s last tangible link with the Barbican which had been his creative base since he arrived in the city in 1966. Trustee of The Lenkiewicz Foundation, Francis Mallett and a team of helpers are packing the books, box by box, to be dispatched to their new home as part of the Plymouth College of Art Library.

Read the article. (4.5MB PDF file)


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